About Us

                          Service Assurance
                          Star Service ? ? ? Building the whole country?
                          Yinian building seismic hardware provides customers with scheme design process and structural performance parameters of building hardware seismic support parts. A first-class construction hardware parts supplier with star service.
                          Perfect sales service network, high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service.
                          The company has a sales service team, which plays a key role in developing the market, serving customers and solving the complex problems of engineering projects. The company adopts the direct marketing mode and focuses on self built channels to achieve broad coverage of marketing outlets. At present, it is subdividing the domestic market and actively expanding the overseas market. Set up sales service agencies in domestic and foreign markets.
                          Perfect logistics service system and professional warehousing logistics team
                          The company has a warehousing and logistics center integrating warehousing, logistics and planning, rich inventory reserves and rapid business efficiency, which greatly shortens the supply chain length of orders. In order to further improve customer satisfaction, Yinian hardware will fully launch the logistics distribution service project in 2021, so that customers can enjoy more efficient supply response speed and high-quality logistics distribution service business.
                          Mature information management system to continuously improve business processes
                          Yinian makes use of its technical advantages to integrate production resources and provide customers with products with higher quality and lower price. Our operation mode breaks the restrictions of the traditional production and sales pattern. Yinian's product quality, price and service have been highly praised by customers. Yinian has reached in-depth cooperation with many powerful large enterprises across the country.
                          Yinian's service team is all over the country, with multiple offices and storage centers across the country, equipped with special sales engineers, design engineers and field engineers to provide customers with all-round services.
                          Yinian has always made unremitting efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of "prevention first, no fear when the earthquake comes". Strong and resolute young people will go all out to forge the most solid shield for life; Push forward.