Human Resources

                          Place Of Work:
                          Jiangxi Province - Fengcheng City
                          Job Responsibilities:
                          1. Be responsible for product market development;
                          2. Collect project information, provide quotation, participate in business negotiation, bidding and other business work;
                          3. After negotiation with customers, sign contracts, solve customers' problems and follow up customers' payment collection progress;
                          The company is a B2B direct selling business (non local push, street sweeping, leaflet distribution and other types), which can not only exercise the sales business ability, but also expand the interpersonal skills and accumulate contacts.
                          1. 20-35 years old, college degree or above, unlimited major;
                          2. Unlimited working experience, honest personality, hardworking;
                          Compensation And Benefits:
                          1. Working hours: 8-hour working system, weekdays and weekdays off, legal holidays and 15 days off during the Spring Festival;
                          2. Salary: basic salary + transportation allowance + housing allowance + commission (commission based on performance, not capped) + five insurances and one housing fund;
                          3. Basic benefits: legal holidays, annual physical examination, year-end bonus, annual gift welfare, annual evaluation, free dormitory;
                          4. Training: New employee training during probation period -- 2 weeks of paid training in Fengcheng headquarters, free accommodation, reimbursement of round-trip transportation expenses, and a pair of old employees to teach;
                          5. Promotion channels: management/professional and technical development, focusing on internal talent cultivation and promotion:
                          (1) Management channel: Trainee Sales Representative - Sales Representative - Sales director - Sales manager - Deputy General Manager/General manager - Marketing vice president
                          (2) Professional channel: Trainee Sales Representative - Sales Representative - Senior Sales Representative - Senior Sales Representative - Chief Sales Representative - Diamond chief Sales Representative