About Us

                          Enterprise Culture
                          YI NIAN Vision
                          Choose YI NIAN products, create a better life, contribute to the society.
                          YI NIAN Core Values
                          Together with experienced sales engineers, Yinian simulates the devices and requirements actually used by customers on site, and verifies and confirms the solution. At the same time, create and solve new problems with customers. Respect for science; Coexistence and win-win; Continuous innovation; Be sincere and trustworthy; Be pragmatic and practical.
                          YI NIAN Philosophy
                          Only by being serious can we do better and persevere.
                          YI NIAN Mission
                          All in order to create a suitable livable environment, let life better.
                          YI NIAN Spirit
                          With one heart and one mind, go all out and work together.
                          YI NIAN Style
                          Steady, pragmatic and efficient.